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Why You NEED a Phone System Failover

What is a “Failover”

A failover is a backup operation that switches to a standby database, server or network if there is a system failure. Failover is an essential piece when it comes to resiliency. With a failover in place, you quickly redirect requests from the failed or down system to the backup system that mimics the operations of the original.

Failure in Business Phone Systems

Natural disasters can have a terrible effect on phone systems. However, more typically, broken cables, energy surges, wear and tear, and congestion from traffic cause phones to go down. An old phone system could fail at any time, and we all know it can be difficult to get quick service in an emergency. More modern, hosted VoIP systems, are designed to avoid failure, and are easier to repair. However, hosted VoIP systems have their problems as well. Having a hosted PBX system as a failover allows you to maintain communications without giving up the good parts of a traditional system.

Consequences of Business Phone System Failure

Even in a small organization, if your phone system goes down, the failure may have immediate and hurtful consequences. In a big business, the same failure stops massive numbers of employees from completing their work responsibilities, slows enterprise, and stops essential conversations from going on. Recovery can take longer than simply getting running phones again, and you may need to repair hurt business relationships at the same time. A message like “the number you are trying to reach has been disconnected and cannot be completed as dialed” may even cost you potential customers. Potential clients likely will not be aware that this problem is not permanent. A few employees may get in contact with customers by using their private phones, but it can put a bad mark on your professional image if you have a non-functioning commercial phone system.

Communication Disaster Recovery

The only way to have truly resilient communications is having a disaster recovery solution for your phone system. Teleira provides a standby system that covers you on multiple failure points. In the event you experience an outage, you can reroute your existing lines over satellite. We provide satellite “red phones” in case your onsite equipment fails. If you need to send calls to a separate location or individual phones, you can do so easily with the hosted PBX. We believe in having a failover solution for any situation that could bring your communications down so that you are truly protected.

Prepare In Advance

This all sounds great, but we know all too well that when bad things happen, situations get stressful and confusing. Nobody wants to sit there trying to contact customer service to get lines rerouted, or try to figure out on the fly where and how to send calls to other locations, all while you are losing precious time. With Teleira you can set up your systems reactions in advance. You will already have a rerouting number in place. You can easily drag and drop names, numbers and other information to choose where calls go, set up groups and messaging for mass notification, set up an answering machine that you can adjust to the situation and more.

The real beauty of the whole thing, is that you can do it all in advance so that when the time comes and there is stress in the air, all you have to do is a click a button.