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The Rise of VOIP

VOIP solutions are increasingly popular as a replacement for traditional PBX phone systems for businesses.

Why is VOIP growing so rapidly? Cost, flexibility and improved features are among the leading reasons people like you make the switch. However, as your telecom solution is converted to VOIP one point of failure is traded for another,  frequent ISP and last mile internet outages means recovery and redundancy solutions are STILL a necessity. When your office or facility loses its internet connection you are dead in the water without a solid backup solution.

Keep Resiliency a Top Priority

VoiceShield Satellite is the recovery/redundancy solution to protect your voice infrastructure regardless of the implementation. Connect the Teleria TRIAD (with out of band satellite uplink) to your existing infrastructure to add proper protection against ISP and last mile internet service disruptions. From VOIP to traditional PBX implementations VoiceShield Satellite is a flexible solution to keep your businesses communications up while others are down.

How do we do it?

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