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VoiceCast: Notification Simplified

VoiceCast is a mass notification system with the features and functionality organizations really need. VoiceCast is used, for both daily business notification AND as an emergency notification system.  We have simplified the traditional emergency alert system, making  it user friendly with drag and drop functionality, and affordable for whatever your needs might be.

VoiceCast mass notification system allows you to send voice, SMS/text, and/or email messages to individuals, small groups, or thousands of recipients within minutes. Messages can be triggered from the web portal, a mobile device, cell phone, or with a quick phone call to a toll-free number. Having an emergency communication system in place that you can count on is the key to being prepared in any situation. Unlimited applications range from daily business communications to full-scale evacuation and emergency lockdown notification systems.

VoiceCast Features

  • Unlimited directories and groups.
  • Schedule notifications for a specific time/date in the future or “on-the-fly.”

  • Advanced Polling feature allows you to gauge responses, status, and feedback from your recipients in real time.

  • Remote – Simple activation from anywhere.

  • User Interface is a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop design.

  • Focused or Broad – Send targeted (focused) communications OR broad (mass) messaging.

  • Toll-Free Hotlines – Combine notification with Toll-Free Hotlines to make extended information and voicemail available to all.

  • Boomerang – Use Boomerang to “pull” recipients into features such as:

  • On-demand Conference Calls

  • Custom Polls

  • Recorded Messages

  • Hotlines

  • Auto-attendants

  • Call Control – VoiceCast combines seamlessly with VoiceShield to create a comprehensive inbound AND outbound business continuity solution.

  • Conferencing – Instantly establish secure conference calls, automatic dial-out, custom greeting, recording, polling and more with the optional conferencing module.

How do we do it?

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