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When Disaster Strikes

In the event of any disaster, big or small, the role of communication is paramount. Picture yourself in the aftermath of a large disaster and imagine you need serious help. What is the first thing you will do? You will pick up your phone and try to call for help. Most likely, however, you will not have a signal, and reaching help will become much more complicated. Far more common are the “everyday disasters”. Imagine tomorrow, while performing maintenance, your carrier has to shut down resulting in an outage for the day and you don’t have a backup system in place. You scramble to get phone lines back up or re-route your numbers, notify clients, and find any other way for business to operate. You lose all of the potential calls and clients trying to reach you. For any situation, the ability to communicate normally will be the most important factor in potential success. The importance of communication in  the event of a disaster is simple: organize the recovery effort and get help to those that need it as quickly as possible. Effective communication in those moments will be the foundation for a successful outcome. The problem is that communication often fails in times of disaster.

Building Your Company’s Business Continuity Plan

So what can all this mean for your business? In moments of disaster, many potential problems exist with traditional communication. The first problem is the potential for damage to the physical infrastructure of the traditional communication network. The cell towers and phone lines are likely to be damaged and inoperable. The second is the extreme need for communication and surge in traffic that is likely to occur immediately after an emergency.  The extreme traffic will cause an overload for the traditional network and cause an outage, even if infrastructure is still in place. Teleira helps your organization prepare for any outage so you won’t even know there was a problem. Where before you were scrambling to get the phone system backup and calling your carrier to try and fix the problem, now it is business as usual in minutes. Our products utilize satellite, internet, and cloud based solutions to ensure that when the disaster comes (and it will come) your communication network will be ready. We have years of experience and solutions to fit almost every situation. Visit the About Us and Products pages to learn more.