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Critical Communication Solutions for Healthcare

Communication is important in any industry. However, when it comes to healthcare you simply cannot afford to lose your communication capabilites. Hospitals around the country are switching to Teleira to meet the new CMS rule requirements.


Teleira’s VoiceCast Notification system is simple, fast, reliable and affordable. There is nothing worse than a confusing system to make an emergency situation even more stressful. VoiceCast allows you to set up groups, messages, types of communication and more, before the emergency. This allows you to simply turn on the system when you dont have time to make all of those decisions. The easy drag and drop interface makes it usuable by anyone without extensive training or IT understanding. VoiceCast Mass notification can be used to notifiy employees of an emergency, to send out shift information, or any other communication need you can think of. You can even recieve responses and distribute polls. For example “we need a shift filled ASAP who can help?”.


But what happens in the event of a disaster? Teleira’s satellite and cloud systems allow you to seamlessly recover your communication capabilities in the event of an outage of any kind. Not only does it allow you to communicate via satellite, but it turns your deskphones that are already in operation into satellite phones so that you can continue working as normal without distractions. This uses the same simple interface that is used by the VoiceCast notification system and provides backup for that as well. No need to attempt to communicate with service providers. Instead just simply activate the VoiceShield Satellite system and continue on working or executing notification

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