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Hardware Warranty

Standard Installation, Support and Professional Services

Carrier Forwarding

The support staff at Teleira can work on your behalf, or in conjunction with a site Project Manager after key numbers have been identified for forwarding during a disruption or event. An LOA, POA or other type of document may be required by your carrier to do so. Up to 10 hours of support services are included with respect to carrier forwarding.

Equipment Installation

When installing the satellite assembly, modem and TRIAD; Teleira’s support staff will work with the professional VSAT installer and communicate with the Network Operations Center (NOC). Standard installation includes up 100 feet of RG6 or RG11 dual run, non-plenum coaxial cable and separate patch cable. Next, support will work with the on-site Project Manager (PM) to connect the TRIAD to the PBX/Server/Switch, make a test call and set up the channel bank (if ordered).

Customer Support

In the event that additional time is required during the initial setup of carrier forwarding, Teleira may charge an additional fee for those services. This does not apply to communications with the carrier during a disruption or event. Additional trainings and new menu configurations related to the Web Call Controller after initial on-boarding, or between quarterly trainings may incur a fee.

Professional Services

Re-configuring the TRIAD and/or the channel bank may incur an additional fee outside of and with respect to standard and extended warranty claims. Development of new features or custom configurations require an internal review and quote with an estimated time and materials estimate, when applicable.

On-Site Support

On-site support options are available. Customer may choose an extended hardware warranty program as well. Please see the “Warranty” section for more details.

Ancillary Installation Components

Conduit, Hazmat equipment, electrical switches and other items are not included in Teleira’s standard Scope of Services. If any of these or other items are required, Teleira will gauge their availability as well as the time and material costs that are associated with each.  


VoiceShield Satellite

For typical VoiceShield Satellite configurations, a satellite assembly will be shipped directly to the installation site, typically after a site survey has been completed. The details of this shipment may be available after the site survey has been completed.


The Teleira Resilient Integrated Access Device (TRIAD) is built with proprietary and patented technologies to maintain/restore both inbound, internal and outbound phone traffic. The TRIAD can integrate with any type of phone system, including virtualized/hosted solutions.

When configured for VoiceShield™  Satellite, the TRIAD is prepared to connect with both satellite and internet connections (VoiceShield™ NetPSTN). VoiceShield™ is designed to be scalable based upon an organization’s size and needs and can be configured for 1-8 PRI’s of concurrent call capacity (23-184 voice channels). Internal dialing can be setup with 1 to 10 digits to help ensure internal communications continue fluidly.

A full time, or as-needed, connection can be made between the TRIAD and phone system/hardware through open ports or by disconnecting existing connections and plugging in the TRIAD.

Red phones/analog phones: An optional FXS gateway or channel bank, which enables the ability to use analog phones over satellite, can be added. Some FXS gateways provide the ability to terminate at a 66 block punchdown panel. In some cases an amphenol cable will be required and is the customer’s responsibility to provide.

Hardware Warranty
Teleira provides a standard 1 year warranty on all site hardware (TRIAD, satellite assembly, modem, cable and channel bank). Warranty covers manufacturer/provider defects and EXCLUDES mishandling, operation outside of design limitations or abuse of equipment.

If a problem arises during the first 12 months of service, costs associated with shipping, hardware, site visits (excluding satellite re-pointing) will be covered by Teleira. Teleira may provide temporary equipment replacement at its sole discretion. After the first 12 months has expired, customer will pay all costs associated with shipping, hardware and site visits unless covered by an extended warranty.


Extended Warranties

Extended warranties are available for both the satellite assembly (Mast, BUC, horn, LNB, NPRM, heater, cable and modem) as well as the TRIAD. These warranties are optional and separate from extended on-site support service.

Extended warranty options must be purchased before or at the time of installation and billing will commence after the standard warranty terms and conditions expire.

Carrier and Cable Acknowledgement

Carrier Forwarding

Carrier forwarding to Teleira is the most common method of continuity during many of the vulnerabilities of Telecom. Carrier forwarding allows outside callers to dial-in using existing published, Direct Inward Dial (DIDs) numbers, as well as toll-free numbers. While many organizations have some form of forwarding in place, others may not.

Forwarding options available depend on each carrier. Packages and options may be included with your existing service or may need to be ordered, if desired.

Forwarding products are ultimately optional when using VoiceShield™. Acquisition of, or optimizing access of toll-free numbers and publishing Teleira provided access numbers are viable alternatives for backup and emergency use.

When on-boarding with any of Teleira’s services, your Account Manager will work with you and share Best Practices and review these options.

When applying carrier forwarding a POA and/or LOA authorizing Teleira to act on your behalf during certain events may be useful and will be discussed with an Account Manager. Portal access for forwarding may be another point of discussion when considering the best continuity and recovery scenarios (where applicable).

Completion of Call Forwarding is the customer’s responsibility as this is a service provided by your telecommunications provider. Call forwarding is not required, but may limit your ability to recover calls in certain situations.

Cable Installation

Teleira Scope of Services (SOS) typically includes standard hardware installation of the satellite assembly, coaxial cable to a provided modem (requires temperature control) and crossover cable from the modem to a demarcation point at the TRIAD’s racked location.

During a standard installation, Teleira will provide up to 100 feet of dual run (TX and RX) RG6 to RG11 non-plenum cable. Additional lengths and plenum cable are available at an additional cost per a site survey, customer’s request, or regulations required at each facility.

At the customer’s expense, an Ethernet run (preferably backed by battery or generator power) can be used to simplify installation and organization.

Teleira recommends staying at or under 150 feet in coaxial cable runs, with a max of 250 feet where necessary in order to maintain a strong signal when considering power fade and attenuation. It is recommended that T1 cables do not exceed 250 feet.