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Check out these frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions or support please contact us or visit our knowledge base for more detailed information.

Is there a free trial available?

A free 30 day trial is available for the VoiceShield Cloud and VoiceCast products. If you are interested in a trial call or contact our sales team here.

What support plans are available?

There are a number of premium support plans that are available for purchase. Details of those plans and pricing can be found at the Support Plans pricing page or pdf downloaded here.

I currently use a Voice Over IP provider as my telecom solution what value add can Teleria offer?

Though Voice Over IP (VOIP) providers are an increasingly popular solution often offering improved redundancy and flexibility in your telecom implementation they still suffer from the same points of failure as a traditional telecom PBX.


Teleira solutions have been engineered to provide protection against these points of failure regardless of the application. Voip and traditional PBX customers alike can benefit from the redundancy that VoiceShield Cloud and VoiceShield Satellite provide, by taking your recovery out-of-band from your current solution if the worst should ever happen.

What is the "Web Call Controller"?

The Web Call Controller is the web interface for VoiceShield Cloud™ (and all other VoiceShield products). It enables users gain real-time control of incoming calls and easily manage call processing and routing before, during, or after an emergency. The Web Call Controller™ online interface enables quick creation, testing and modification of call handling scenarios that for incoming calls once and Access Number has been assigned to the feature. Queue callers for distribution with music on hold, change a forwarding number, add a menu, add an employee to a dial-by-name directory, play a recording, receive a fax, broadcast a message to a group, and much, much more.  Create multiple scenarios beforehand, switch between or modify them even while they’re active, or create new scenarios on-the-fly. Unlimited backup voicemail, real-time reporting and multiple administrative features and capabilities are included.

Do you offer hardware warranties?

A one year manufacturers warranty is included with VoiceShield Satellite and Resilient 911. Extended hardware warranties are available via our support plans here. VoiceShield Cloud does not have any associated hardware and thus hardware warranties to not apply.

How do I open a support ticket?

You can open a support ticket by filing out the form on our support request page or by sending an email to su*****@te*****.com.

Where can I find my account number?

Your account number can be found on your monthly invoice or by reaching out to your account manager.

What is an Access Number?

An Access Number is phone number (DID or toll-free) assigned to a customer account and used within the Web Call Controller to route calls. These numbers can be used to directly dial one of web portal configured features or as a failover destination for carrier call forwarding. Access Numbers within the Web Call Controller are incredibly flexible and can reassigned from feature to feature allowing for real-time updating of incoming call routes. A typicaly VoiceShield Cloud implementation includes five Access Numbers, additional numbers can be added to your account for $5/month. 

What is meant by an "Emergency Communication Plan" or "ECP"?

An Emergency Communication Plan (also known as an ECP) is a document that provides contact information, process and procedures and any relevent data for use durring a disruption in normal operating procedures, emergency or system outage. Each Teleira VoiceShield Cloud or Satellite implementation includes a basic ECP that is develeped with the customer to be used in conjuction with the customer’s existing emergency plans that provides details specific to each implementation.

Where can I find the login page to the web portal?

Logging into the WCC is done by navigating to or by simply clicking here. Your user name is your email.

How does the Teleira solution work with carrier forwarding?

Telecom providers typically offer a forwarding product that allows customers to redirect incoming call traffic to an alternate number/destination in the event of an outage or any other down-time scenario (carrier product offers differ from carrier to carrier as well as regionally). Working with your carrier you can setup forwarding to redirect calls to VoiceShield Cloud by using any of your Access Numbers as a failover route

What is PRI in the Sky?

It is a Web Call Controller feature used with the VoiceShield Satellite product to configure the routing of calls to from Voiceshield Cloud to a Teleira on premise device called a TRIAD. The TRIAD can then allow you to route calls to your phone system or to a connected analog phone gateway.

What is a TRIAD?

Telecom Recovery Integrated Access Device. The TRIAD is a proprietary device that is sold as a part of the VoiceShield Satellite product. It allows for integration of the Teleria call routing system with your on premise phone system. When the TRIAD is setup with a dedicated internet connection it provides a redundant or out-of-band path for inbound and outbound voice traffic.

What is the character limit for SMS/Text messages?

The SMS standard has a limit of 160 characters.

How can I protect my conference bridge from toll-fraud / random dialing bots?

A best practice for conference bridge protection is to configure a PIN number for the bridge, this will keep unwanted traffic from entering your bridge. Additionaly a conference bridge can be added as a branch of a menu, when that menu has a recording and is set to “wait for caller to press a key”, a conference bridge will have an added layer of protection from toll-fraud. 

How many features can I have configured in my account?

Currently there is no imposed limit on the number of features that can configured in your account.

Where can I view a call history for my account?

Live and historical Call Detail Records (CDRs) can be found in the Admin tab of the Web Call Controller web interface. From there you can find CDRs under the Reports section by selecting Call Detail. Here current and historical usage reports can be generated and download. The web portal will only display the first 500 records of your search to see the full report select the Download Report button to save a full record to your computer.

How do I upload directory contacts?

Directory contacts can be uploaded to your account by opening a support ticket and attaching your document. To ensure prompt processing of your request please make sure the document is formated in a .xlsx or .csv file format, and ensure proper column headings are set.