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Emergency Satellite Phone Systems

Satellite phones can be a necessary tool when it comes to emergency management and preparation. Communication is key when you are dealing with a disaster no matter how large or small. This is because people are key and people need communication in order to work together, adapt to new situations, and inform others rapidly when necessary.

Satellite phones become necessary for your business anytime your existing lines are interrupted or brought down permanently by any kind of disaster or day to day mistake. We all know that the cost of a missed call could be devastating to both your brand and your bottom line. After all, missed calls mean missed sales opportunities, poor customer service ratings, bad yelp and google reviews etc. This can all be overcome by incorporating satellite phones into your business communication plan. However, there are a few problems with traditional satellite phones. These issues make them difficult to implement within a business or organization and can be overcome through a satellite phone system.

The Problems:


1. Disruption

The first big problem with satellite phone implementation is that they are disruptive to the normal work flow. If there is an emergency it is hardly “business as usual” if you have to go find your satellite phones, take them up to the roof and find a signal in order to make a call.

2. Dial Out Only

One of the biggest problems is still not avoided! Sure you can now make calls, but you are still missing your incoming calls because it is not likely that your clients know the number to your satellite phone. Your clients, customers, or patients will be calling in to your normal business number and being left with an answering machine at best.

3. Too Few

If you are trying to operate your business by way of satellite phones in an emergency, you will need to shell out thousands of dollars in order to get enough satellite phones for even just your key personnel to be able to continue operation. This may be unacceptable when you are already recovering from other big problems.

The Solutions:


1.Don’t be Disrupted

It’s funny but the solution to disruption… is don’t be disrupted. Replace hand held satellite devices with a satellite phone system that backs up your traditional lines. This type of system would allow you to continue “business as usual” by staying at desks and making calls from the phones in hand, that just happen to be rerouted through a separate satellite on the roof.

2. Use The Same Number

While this would not be an option with individual satellite phones and would be way too complex logistically even if it were, it is a very simple option if you are already solving for the first problem of disruption by building in a redundant satellite phone system. Finally all of those missed calls can be received like normal and your business is safe from the woes of terrible google and yelp reviews for poor customer service. It’s such a simple solution for such a big problem. The only reason it not even more common than it is, is because people generally don’t think about this whole issue until they are faced with a disaster and its too late. But you are smarter than that and are working hard to protect your business and people, by planning ahead!

3. Get One System

You guessed it, the third problem is also solved by the same system that solved the first two problems. There is no need to buy 100 satellite phones for your 100 employees because they can just use their normal desk phones. In special cases you can even have incoming business calls reroute over satellite to a personal device if necessary through a cloud hosted web call controller.

The Point:


Business satellite phones are an amazing solution to age old problems, that you may not even know your business or organization is at risk for until it is too late. But you have to make sure you cover all of your bases and don’t cause even more stress in an already stressful situation. Get a system in place that solves your problems in advance like an insurance policy. That way when the times comes, your people are protected and can communicate. Which means your business or organization, is also protected and can communicate effectively and quickly. learn more about emergency satellite phone systems and how they can benefit your business today.