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Telecom Business Continuity

Arguably the most important thing in an emergency is the ability to communicate. Whether it is calling for help, alerting others of potential dangers, or allowing business to operate as normal, communication is what makes it all possible. This is why fast and simple telecom recovery is crucial for business continuity.

In every business there are critical communications on a daily basis. For most businesses a missed phone call likely means the loss of a potential client. When there is an accident and your phone lines go down for even just a few hours, you are losing money left and right. Not only are you losing potential customers, you are also building distrust with customers you already have. This will happen. Lines are cut or providers make mistakes every day and communications are lost. The key for your business is having quick and easy telecom recovery solutions.

The scary thing is that often times as business owners we don’t even know when an outage like this happens until it is far too late. If we are lucky enough to discover the outage quickly, it still takes far too long to recover normal operations.

The Cost of Missed Calls

There are so many different things to worry about when it comes to costs for your business. Because of this we often don’t even begin to think about the costs associated with a missed call. However, a missed call means a lot more than just a one-time unanswered concern. Roughly 80% of business communication is STILL done over the phone! 85% of callers who do not receive an answer will not bother to call back and over 60% of callers who do not receive an answer will contact a competitor for the same business!

On top of what you would normally expect when it comes to losing business through phone line downtime, you have other ramifications for your business. People are far more likely to tell others about a negative experience rather than a positive one. This means that every customer that calls while your lines are down and is unanswered is likely to tell others about this negative experience. This is a PR nightmare! Because of all the different pieces to the cost of a missed call it can vary widely across different industries. However, BT business estimates that the average cost of a lost customer is $1,575. Keep in mind that number is per customer and doesn’t even include the loss of productivity if your lines are down.

Our Telecom Recovery Solution

Teleira is an industry leader in telecom recovery for your critical communications. Through satellite and cloud technology Teleira is able to quickly recover your existing phone lines, often times without you even knowing there was a problem. A simple online platform allows you to make any necessary adjustments or corrections to your recovery plan for the specific situation from anywhere that has internet access. Some of the key features include:

  • Reroute phone calls to individual cell phones
  • Send mass notifications to employees about potential dangers
  • Reroute land lines through satellite if your physical lines go down
  • Adjust forwarding numbers if one becomes unavailable with easy drag and drop interface
  • Eliminate time consuming hours of dealing with your busy service providers
  • Seamlessly reroute calls to any phone number, anywhere
  • Dial out conferencing. No more waiting for each person to dial in!
  • And much more

Growing Needs

Chart of Growing Natural disasters

Natural disasters are an increasing risk. However they are not the only source, or even the main source of telecom outages. Consider this list of common sources of telecom outages:

Protect yourself from loss of communication with Teleira’s unique telecom solutions.